And I Am Me

And I am me. Water covers the earth, Its porcelain face ruptures Routinely as a result of tiny ripples But remains one element, one unit. And I am me. Time is a continuous motion, Altered only by mental conception - Affected not by physical intervention, Bodies breathe and the earth moves. And I am me.… Continue reading And I Am Me


The Other Half of Me

My obsession, my perfect other half, You trim my excess, my worries oppress. This craving will dictate my epitaph, As it penetrates my once good senses. * My body digests the pleasure of you, Feeding inanition with desire, Your beauty is as fresh as morning dew And my eyes hunger with a burning fire. *… Continue reading The Other Half of Me

My Cycle

My ribcage moves and ash flows in and out, Filling and emptying. The dead dirt consumes And is consumed, filling and emptying. Breath caresses my tongue and warms my teeth, Bone exposed. * The clock gives a pirouette and the dirt swells inside. A bloated corpse, blank eyes - pure emptiness. Full from the neck… Continue reading My Cycle

People Make Glasgow

People make Glasgow. people make Glasgow. A cone headed rider, George‚Äôs statues, The suitable sites for your tour window, The Green, The Kelvin, The Clyde, what a view! *  Design, music, fashion, art and culture, Ancient University towering Above a city supreme in structure - "any spare chainge?" - a beggar cowering  * Ignored. Sanctions,… Continue reading People Make Glasgow

Flesh and Bone

You disgust me. Each layer of flesh Concealing your bones Is a reason to die. * Swishhhh and thud. Swish and thud. Swishandthud A pulse in the ears * You deceive me. You attack and lie To my insecurities. Fuck you, I am strong. * Tick... tick. Tick and tick. Tickandtick Tired eyes flick *… Continue reading Flesh and Bone


Nothingness plagues the streets And decays the Body. Delicate pressure deteriorates the  Delicate surface on which we are grounded. * Existence reeks of instability. Rain packs the cracks, unfilled by The Protector, as it tumbles  Relentlessly from black skies.  * A desperate reaching for more Drives a wedge between parts of  The Body, who can't… Continue reading Liberty