Space for Thought

It was in year three of studying Primary Education at university that I consciously decided I wanted to get into journalism. I think it was something I’ve always known, yet never allowed to come to the surface – dreams of the long holidays and being “Miss Martin”, moulding all these little minds were carrying me away from the reality that I don’t like teaching. With awe I have watched BBC News Presenters reporting exhilarating stories of war, politics and social upheaval. With envy I have read opinion pages in The Guardian, longing to get my opinions out there, to be a leader of thought and expression. Thus I have decided to begin my very own blog, a space for my thoughts and to develop my literary prowess.

This will quickly become a zone for me to express my opinions on stuff. Stuff such as books, politics, feminism and anything else I feel particularly energised to write about. In effort to forge this career as a journalist, I have sent off UCAS and college applications and am eagerly anticipating responses, heart dropping through my backside every time I hear my email inbox “ping”. While I wait, I read, write and work hard. Ambitions are rarely achieved without hard graft.

The idea to begin a blog also stems from my tendency to overthink. My hope is that having this space to think will liberate my poor little head, which rarely gets a break. I love writing because it forces you to legibly compose your ideas, thoughts and feelings in a way that helps you make sense of yourself – if that makes sense? I’ve always kept a journal/diary but perhaps publishing my thoughts online will help me reach out to others and possibly make valuable connections that I wouldn’t otherwise make!

Blog one of many – complete.


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