The Game 

It’s a game of push and pull,

How much can I take before I

Crumble, or retaliate?

How long until I am isolated?


Starve, scratch, snip and snap.

The sins I commit towards

Myself and against others,

In this game of destruction.


The trick is to never let it show,

Never allow the surface to crease

Or crack. Composure of a swan

Whose beauty depends on hidden panic.


Existing on the water’s surface, frantic

Struggles to avoid plunging into

The black depths. Frantically

Starve, scratch, snip and snap.


The game is a test that

Infects and drains nature.

It is addictively dangerous,

It keeps you on the precipice.


Two motives in the one mind,

At war, pushing and pulling

in defiance of one another.

This game of self-sabotage.



1 thought on “The Game ”

  1. I keep reading this blog ,
    We are born innocent babies ,with no knowledge of the life that will become of us,I personally have come through tough times ,since my teens and into teens .when i got married .
    the trials and tribulations ,of life we come through are sometimes tough ,Some folk do and some dont,
    But i cant tell you enough Stephanie ,how proud i am of you ,you have faced this illness ,with a determined courage ,not a lot of folk have ,or are unwilling to ,which is a shame ,
    You are a lovely intellegent woman now and today when i saw your face when u got yet another first ,at university,an A ,My goodness ,you are on the road to be what you want to be ,you will get there ,Stephanie ,do you know why???because you are so confident in yourself ,as well as all your family being confident ,,well done ,Stephanie ,well done pet ,,,,,,,,,

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