I Can

If someone told you that

You can’t do something,

You’re incapable, weak, nothing,

Would you do anything?


If they cursed you and 

Belittled you, stole from you

And doubted your abilities,

Would their opinion be true?


If it were your mother,

Father, sister or brother,

Some react differently than

If it were some other.


Some may let the criticism

Swap through their skin,

Others may use it to motivate. Why

Is it different when it comes from within?


Self-hate decays us 

From beneath the surface.

Like a parasite, draining us 

Until we feel worthless.


But if we disown this

Negativity – “it’s not me,

I’m better than this, I can” – 

Then we can be free.


Free from self-imposed restrictions,

Free from mental illness and self-hate,

Free to achieve and to grow,

Free to flourish and open the gate


To our future, reaching 

Beyond all limitation. Start

Now, separate the hate from 

Yourself. Find your heart.

Image source: http://www.liveunfettered.com/index.php/2016/01/25/understanding-my-journey-positive-vibes/


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