Why Love One but Eat the Other?

Every so often I scroll through social media and see people standing together against animal cruelty. Today I read about a petition against the Chinese dog eating festival. There were vile images of torture, designed to anger the British public who are unaccustomed to seeing animals we consider as pets being eaten. 

But what is the real difference between eating dogs and eating cows? 

Part of being human is having compassion and love for other beings. The companionship you see between a homeless person and their dog is a beautiful, every day example of how important our bonds with animals can be. Dogs are employed by the police, they escort blind people and guard our families. They are incredibly valuable and we love them for it. Any dog owner will know the warmth a pet can bring to your heart; how could anyone be so evil as to bring harm to them? 

I think it’s amazing to see so many people stand against animal cruelty and the consumption of dogs. The compassion many of us have for animals is a beautiful and natural thing, yet many are selective about which animals they represent. Thousands stand for increased sentences of dog abusers, yet permit the mass raping of cows for milk. 

Yes – I said rape. Human beings are the only species on the planet who drink the milk of another species, and we do it by raping cows. We don’t need their milk, we just want it and place our wants above the welfare of another animal. 

As for the meat industry, the few images blazoned in protest against dog consumption are comparatively mild. So-called ‘free-range’ animals are cramped into tiny sheds for a large part of their lives, living in their own filth. They are often debeaked or dehorned without painkillers and live brutally cruel lives – all for the sake of a burger. 

It’s popular to stand against pet cruelty, to abhor those who beat their pets. Even in recent times this compassion has been extended to some other animals as people fight against fox hunting, big game hunting and wearing real fur. I encourage and stand with those who challenge animal cruelty, it is an unnecessary evil which should and can be eradicated. 

Yet vegans, who stand up for the rights of all animals are treated with disdain and scorn. By standing up for the lives and dignity of all creatures, vegans have been targeted and branded weird, preachy and interfering. 

Peacefully standing against torture and inequality should at all times be congratulated. There are too many double standards in this fight against animal cruelty.

Why is it one rule for one and one for another? Why love some animals but eat others? 

Image source: Mercy for Animals


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