Tribute to a Strong Woman

In light of International Women's Day, I began to consider the female inspirations in my life. I've already written about Audrey Hepburn, who has been an idol of mine since my early teen years, but who else could I tribute?  There is only one woman who I draw strength from every single day, and have… Continue reading Tribute to a Strong Woman


The Never-ending Reach

Patiently the blooms grow, Stretching tall towards the sun, The blue and yellow they will never know, Their desire never won.  * Still taller they reach, higher  And higher. They never cease, Strength and determination to admire. Their dreams they shall not release. * When cut down they are not deterred, Be it weather, insect,… Continue reading The Never-ending Reach


Stand up to cancer. Grab cancer by the balls. Cancer, we're coming to get you. Noel Edmonds, presenter of Deal or No Deal, was accused of insulting every cancer patient with his comments regarding the illness. Type his name into google and the first thing you'll see is "cancer". He suffered prostate cancer and attributes… Continue reading Anorexia

“Can’t you just pick the meat out?”

"I wish I could be vegan, but I love [insert dead animal] too much", "don't you miss bacon?", "do you ever cheat?", "can't you just pick the meat out?"... these utterings have become the soundtrack to my life since cutting animal produce from my diet. Stowing my mental revolver, I try to respond to ignorant questioning with… Continue reading “Can’t you just pick the meat out?”


The Spring sun stretches bright Yellow rays upon the morning. Droplets of dew reflecting the light, Earth and species warming. . Among the shrubs and the leaves, Producers play their part in the cycle. They work and they thrive which achieves Life, sustenance and fresh recycle. . The small, round, hungry creature Plays it's part.… Continue reading Metamorphosis

It’s Okay to Have a Bad Day

I woke up today and in my usual habit, immediately scrutinised myself in the mirror. Anxiety pending, I lifted my top to assess my stomach. Disgusting. I stood with my feet together and examined the space between my thighs. Unsatisfactory. I placed my hands on my hips to check the severity of my bingo wings.… Continue reading It’s Okay to Have a Bad Day

The Dish

A poem written in a moment of passion, an extended metaphor about globalisation and global culture.  . Taste spills over the edges of the dish, Abundant in volume as well as flavour. Ingredients cultivated independently, Yet harmonise perfectly. . Rising in clouds, angelic scents tease the tastebuds which pucker in anticipation. The mouth ready to… Continue reading The Dish