Flesh and Bone

You disgust me. Each layer of flesh Concealing your bones Is a reason to die. * Swishhhh and thud. Swish and thud. Swishandthud A pulse in the ears * You deceive me. You attack and lie To my insecurities. Fuck you, I am strong. * Tick... tick. Tick and tick. Tickandtick Tired eyes flick *… Continue reading Flesh and Bone


Cold Embers

Brittle hair and brittle bones -  The price of perfection. Skin is flaking, teeth are aching, Grey lips stretched across them. * Ice forms from the inside out, Such as death comes upon a corpse. No meat and no heat, The embers of a fire, slowly dying. * Naked. Neglecting nature, Scrutiny, scrutiny, scrutiny -… Continue reading Cold Embers


Stand up to cancer. Grab cancer by the balls. Cancer, we're coming to get you. Noel Edmonds, presenter of Deal or No Deal, was accused of insulting every cancer patient with his comments regarding the illness. Type his name into google and the first thing you'll see is "cancer". He suffered prostate cancer and attributes… Continue reading Anorexia