Flesh and Bone

You disgust me. Each layer of flesh Concealing your bones Is a reason to die. * Swishhhh and thud. Swish and thud. Swishandthud A pulse in the ears * You deceive me. You attack and lie To my insecurities. Fuck you, I am strong. * Tick... tick. Tick and tick. Tickandtick Tired eyes flick *… Continue reading Flesh and Bone


The GameĀ 

It's a game of push and pull, How much can I take before I Crumble, or retaliate? How long until I am isolated? * Starve, scratch, snip and snap. The sins I commit towards Myself and against others, In this game of destruction. * The trick is to never let it show, Never allow the… Continue reading The GameĀ